My passion for this research stems from multiple summers of experience in a pediatric clinic, as well as my positionality as a BIPOC woman. We, as a society, are at a pivotal point, where the action we take today might correct enough of the past to preserve our future. Addressing the needs of BIPOC patients, their families and health care providers may simultaneously be a means of prevention for negative health outcomes of BIPOC children, as well as a solution to mitigating the effects of racially and ethnically rooted disparities. In fact, when provided appropriately and fairly, primary care has enormous potential to mediate the racial and ethnic inequities themselves.

Having worked in crisis response for the past few years, I am trained in fostering 1-on-1 dialogue exploring topics of a delicate nature, as well as holding space for these conversations with care and without judgement. This research study seeks to meet participants where they are, centring around their stories, emotions, and experiences with pediatric care.